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Homemade Craft Directions - Make your Own Crafts

Crafts - Make Pictures From Cd Cases

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Make Crafts of Cheap and Easy Photo Frames From Cd Cases
Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.

You will need: 
Empty plastic clear Cd Cases from your music cds
Pictures to fit in the cd cases
Colored paper, just one sheet
Magnet (optional)

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A.  Put your picture in the cd case

B.  Make a frame to go around the outside of your picture out of the colored paper and place it in the cd case and glue the front of your pictures outside edges to the paper frame.  The size of the paper frame will depend on how much of the picture you want to cover, the frame could be 1/2 inch wide or different sized you decide. 

C. Place a magnet on the back of the cd case and it can be hung on the fridge

Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.


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