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Free Holiday Crafts

Printable Pinecone Turkey Crafts


Pine Cone Turkey
What you will need:
Pine cones
Chenille Bumpy wires of 1 red, 1 orange, and 5 other colors your choice
A Wire cutter
Clear drying glue

Cut apart the bumps of the chenille wires. Using wire cutters and cut in the center of each place where the wire narrows.

Make the head of the turkey by Shaping one red chenille bump into a S shape and letting it raise above the pine cone. 

Make the legs and feet by Shaping one orange bump into a V shape. Then glue it on the bottom of the pine cone.

Use the other chenille bumps to twist together and glue to make feathers out the back part of the turkey. 

Dry, then shape your bumps again. 

Print the craft instructions

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